tonys 2016

Jake Gyllenhaal Sang ‘A Whole New World’ During a Commercial Break at the Tonys, and Honestly, Commercials, How Dare You?

Aside from funding television as we know it for several decades, what have commercials ever done for us? Nothing! Less than nothing, in fact. During last night’s broadcast of the Tony Awards, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Hayes, and James Corden got up to serenade the audience with a lovely rendition of “A Whole New World” from Aladdin, but did we viewers back at home get to see it? No! Instead, we were treated to ads for things we didn’t need but sort of wanted to buy afterward. Thankfully, Hayes uploaded a video of the performance after the fact. Down with commercials! Bearded singing Jake Gyllenhaal is a resource all people deserve to share!

Jake Gyllenhaal Sang at the Tonys