Jamie Foxx As Future’s Fictional Rapping Father Has to Be the Most Specific Spokesperson Character of All Time

Well, it’s not going to not make you want to get Verizon, right? During the NBA Finals (hurray for Cleveland now and forever), Verizon debuted a new ad featuring Jamie Foxx giving his all as Past, an elderly fictional version of Future’s father. He then performed a “Fuck Up Some Commas” parody titled “I Got Verizon.” So, really, the only question seems to be, how richly complex and deliciously layered do you need your phone commercials to be? If you demand your phone company create a fully realized comedic universe to win you over, then, ho-ho, Verizon is one for you. Also, what a specific requirement for a phone company. You and your demands.

Jamie Foxx Channels Future for a New Verizon Ad