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Jared Leto — We Mean, the Joker — Sent Viola Davis a Box of Bullets During Suicide Squad Shoot

Photo: Monica Schipper/2016 Getty Images

What has the world of celebrity pranks and press tours come to if not even Viola Davis is safe? Previously thought to be beyond the reach of Jared “Who is Jared? I am the Joker” Leto, Davis has now outed herself as one of Leto’s Suicide Squad gift recipients. Remember Margot Robbie’s rat? The pig carcass? The used condom? Gross and unsettling, sure, but mere gag gifts compared to Davis’s prize. As she revealed to E! News, “We all got a gift from Jared,” and Davis’s was a box of bullets, a present that she naturally found “a little worrisome.” Of course, Davis couldn’t just find Leto one day at craft services, tap him on the shoulder, and ask if he’d be offended if she exchanged for store credit, because Leto wasn’t on the set of Suicide Squad, the Joker was. Still, a woman never forgets the first time a co-star gives her bullets, so, months later, Davis says: “I finally met him at the Glamour Magazine Awards. I met him, really, for the first time, because before that I was only introduced to the Joker … There was a part of me that wanted to say, ‘You know, I almost had my pepper spray out … Remember that bullet you sent me?’” It’s probably good she didn’t. Don’t you get it yet, Viola? That wasn’t Jared that sent you those bullets. That was the Joker. The Joker, Jared: two totally different guys. Or at least that’s what Jared’s been telling HR.

Jared Leto Sent Viola Davis a Box of Bullets