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Jeff Goldblum and Conan O’Brien, Two Special Little Snowflakes, Swapped Jackets and All of a Sudden It Was Like Looking Into a Tall, Limber Mirror

Until Tuesday, you could’ve gone through life thinking that Conan O’Brien was a nice guy. Sure, he’s a touch odd, but he seems swell, you told yourself. Now you know differently. Now you know that Conan is the kind of “friend” who will compliment your stuff in hopes of getting his greedy paws on it. Just think of him, eyeing Andy Richter’s french fries at lunch, saying, “Wow, Andy, those look incredible,” and then staring expectantly until Andy offers him some. On Tuesday’s Conan, O’Brien saw something of Jeff Goldblum’s that he wanted, and he buttered Goldblum up until he got it. “You’re a one-of-a-kind,” O’Brien said, and, oh, by the way, “That’s a fetching jacket, I have to say.” Before you knew it, O’Brien’s lengthy wingspan was poking out of a leather jacket, and Goldblum’s “gentleman greaser” look was no more.

Jeff Goldblum and Conan O’Brien Swap Jackets