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What’s Better Than One Jeff Goldblum? One Jeff Goldblum and One Jeff Goldblum Character Debunking a Conspiracy

Just when you think you know a guy, he goes and reveals that’s not him — that’s his scientist doppelgänger. Yep, Jeff Goldblum and Jeff Goldblum’s Independence Day character Earth Space Defense director David Levinson? Turns out, not the same guy. Or at least so says Jeff Goldblum(s). Apparently the understanding that Goldblum and Levinson are one and the same is “one of the biggest War of 1996 conspiracy theories,” so Goldblum and Levinson did you some service journalism and debunked it. Confused yet? You’d understand if you were as smart as Levinson. Not if you were as smart as Goldblum, though. That guy’s a regular bozo.

Jeff Goldblum Meets His Doppelgänger