John Cena Speaks for Two Minutes in Mandarin at a Press Conference, a New Bar for Celebrities Showing Off at Press Conferences

It might be a small honor to claim, but John Cena speaks Mandarin far better than nearly any other white celebrity that has tried to pull off a few phrases at a press conference — yes, we are looking at you, Mark Zuckerberg. Cena dropped several minutes of Mandarin at a WWE appearance in China this week, and we have to say, his tones are well-defined, the pronunciation is pretty consistent, and that pinstripe suit is fine (that has nothing to do with his language skills, it’s just worth noting). Cena has been working on his Mandarin for a while — the WWE offers language classes to its wrestlers — and he’s teased some of that linguistic ability before. 太好了!

John Cena Speaks Mandarin Like a (Semi-)Pro