John Oliver and Billy Eichner Share Some Retirement Saving Tips on ‘Last Week Tonight’

If you haven’t started saving for your retirement and and have no idea how the retirement plan industry works, do yourself a favor and watch this new segment from Last Week Tonight, where John Oliver explains how the whole system is a “potential minefield” and shares the show’s experience trying to set up 401k plans for its employees. “A lot of that money is in the hands of financial services companies, so let’s talk a little about how they work,” Oliver says. “Which I know sounds boring, but as a favor to your future self, it is worth watching this for 20 minutes, because you could easily make small mistakes which could seriously cost you down the line.” Oliver even enlisted Billy Eichner to make the most helpful retirement ad yet, where he outlines five helpful tips to avoid bogus “advisors” and “analysts” and keep as much money for your future as possible.

John Oliver and Billy Eichner Share Some Retirement […]