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John Oliver Knows You Don’t Pay Attention in Those 401k Meetings, So He’ll Fill You In

In his latest example of spinning a golden video out of the straw of mundanity, John Oliver took on the issues plaguing retirement plans on Last Week Tonight. The big takeaway? We actually should be asking questions during those boring company-wide 401k meetings and not discreetly Googling teacup pigs, even if they’re adorable. Using the wisdom of Suze Orman, the intensity of Billy Eichner, and downloadable visuals that equate financial advising with elf-spotting certifications, Oliver broke down what makes a good retirement plan. Given that this analysis comes just a week after Oliver one-upped Oprah while explaining medical debt, he’s well on his way to becoming the world’s top British comedian-turned novice financial guru.

John Oliver Explains Retirement Plans