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Jon Stewart Helps Out Samantha Bee on Full Frontal. See? Everyone on TV Is Friends, Just Like You Hoped.

Once upon a time, back when Jon Stewart hosted The Daily Show, back when restoring the nation’s sanity was a cause for a glimmer of hope, Stewart was the big kahuna of comedy news shows, while Samantha Bee was but a mere correspondent. Oh, how the tables have turned, my friends. It’s a time of great national uncertainty, and the people have looked to Bee to scorch the Earth in Stewart’s absence. Stewart, meanwhile, has explored his fondness for horses. But that doesn’t mean Bee is beyond guidance from her erstwhile sensei — Stewart popped by Full Frontal on Monday to help Bee out with a big problem. Turns out, the problem was a small horse and not, as you might have guessed, a horse’s ass.

Jon Stewart Stops By Full Frontal