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Lena Dunham’s Strategy in ‘Box of Lies’ Is Asking Jimmy Fallon ‘Why Would I Lie?’ — Lena, Meet Box

Lena Dunham and Jimmy Fallon went toe-to-toe in a game of Box of Lies on Tuesday’s Tonight Show. The match didn’t exactly blow the top off the box. Instead, it unfurled more as a case of who was the least-bad, with both Dunham and Fallon proving fallible at the art of deception. Or was Dunham actually so bad at lying that she turned that plane around and was great? Dunham’s strategy was to lie while asking, “Why would I lie?” in a game about lies, a cunning technique that probably knocked Fallon off focus, haunting him with questions of why any of us do anything in this game that’s a touch trickier than a late-night bit — this game we call life.

Lena Dunham and Jimmy Fallon Play ‘Box of Lies’