Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Reportedly Leave Hamilton Next Month

One last time? Photo: Joan Marcus

After winning a Pulitzer, being named a genius, and potentially winning a record number of Tonys next week, Lin-Manuel Miranda will bid adieu to Hamilton. Sources close to the production tell The Hollywood Reporter that Miranda is exiting his Broadway juggernaut on July 9, the day his contract expires. This news comes after Miranda hinted to Rolling Stone yesterday that we’d probably only get a year of him as the titular Founding Father. In that same interview, he also warned that the rest of the original cast might not be back, either. The other actors are reportedly seeking hefty raises to extend their already lengthy contracts — also up July 9, for many — and may leave if they don’t get it. (THR notes that their year and a half in Hamilton, including the workshop/rehearsal phase, is longer than most casts on Broadway.)

But don’t fret, Miranda isn’t exactly disappearing from the limelight after his likely final curtain call next month. The man has already landed a lead role in the Mary Poppins sequel with Emily Blunt, written the music for Disney’s Moana, inked a deal with the Weinsten Co. to turn his first musical In the Heights into a movie, and apparently is already working on his next big idea. Oy, if you thought it was hard to get a ticket to Hamilton now, the battle’s only just begun.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Reportedly Leaving Hamilton