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Lindsay Lohan Really Cares About The Brexit, and She Will Troll Each and Every Wayward U.K. City If She Has To

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Ben Affleck is to Deflategate as Lindsay Lohan is to … the Brexit, apparently. The results for the referendum on whether the United Kingdom will remain in the EU have started to roll in, and the American Lohan may not have gotten to vote, but she will have her say. Lohan wants Britain to #remain, a stance she made crystal clear in a series of (since-deleted) tweets on Thursday. And, look, it’s an important decision, so Lohan isn’t above knocking around the folks she thinks are making the wrong call. Take the city of Kettering, which isn’t going the #remain way. Lohan shaded them right good, asking, “Sorry, but where are you.” And Kettering got off easy compared to the district of Sunderland. Lohan initially followed a familiar script, asking, “where’s Sunderland?” and then — can you even stand it? — followed up with, “Does Sarah Palin live there? Lol.” The not-very-nice-but-rather-mean-on-matters-of-the-Brexit girl also stirred the pot by pitting Sunderland against the Shetlands, which are team #remain. She tweeted, “i love the thank goodness we have pure hearted people our side Okay, so maybe Lohan wasn’t hacked, per se, but which of Lohan’s essences do we think is riding in the driver’s seat here? Is it true Brit Hallie, or is it just Annie pretending to be Hallie?

Lindsay Lohan Really Cares About The Brexit