Listen to Some Clips from Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian’s ‘Stern Show’ Interview

Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian paid a visit to The Howard Stern Show this morning in character as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, where they discussed some of their political views as well as some very Stern Show-friendly topics like rating famous women by hotness and their thoughts on Robin’s decision to get a breast reduction. Bernie’s thoughts on the transgender bathroom debate: “I think that if you have a problem with transgender bathrooms, you are the asshole, and you should have separate bathrooms for yourself, and the rest of us can just do our business.” What does Trump think of Taylor Swift? “She’s too flat and she can’t keep a man, Howard. So you gotta wonder what’s going on there. So I have to say I’m very worried about her.”

Thanks to Adomian, Stern was also treated to a special visit from Jesse Ventura, who addresses his possible run for president, his 9/11 conspiracy theory, the moon landing, living off the grid in Mexico, and more. Listen to some clips from the episode below:

Listen to Some Clips from Anthony Atamanuik and James […]