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A Bunch of Characters Are Returning to Pretty Little Liars This Season, Because Nobody Truly Escapes Rosewood

Not in Cali anymore, eh? Photo: Freeform

I. Marlene King has already teased that the seventh, potentially final season of Pretty Little Liars will be a “season of homecomings,” and she’s certainly not balking at the promise, as a slew of former characters are now set to make their returns to the popular Freeform show. Lindsey Shaw (Paige) has been confirmed for an unknown multi-episode arc, appearing on the show for the first time since the fifth season. Shaw will be joined by other previously confirmed cast members Tammin Sursok (Jenna) and Brant Daugherty (Noel) who have also not been on PLL for quite some time as well as Drew Van Acker (Jason). So, is one of them going to be the new “A”? Trust no one in Rosewood! Throw out your cell phones!

Lots of Characters Returning to PLL This Season