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Margot Robbie’s 24-Hour Birthday Party Sounds Exhausting as Hell

Two years ago, in honor of her 24th birthday, Margot Robbie invited her friends to a 24-hour birthday party slash unrelenting torture chamber of fun. It began at 9 a.m. with a Champagne breakfast (sounds fun!) and a Western theme (we can get with that), then games at Hyde Park and burgers at Five Guys (a little heavy, but if you say so …), then under-the-sea-themed karaoke (um, okay), “progressively filthier and filthier bars” (slow your roll, people), and then another bottle of Champagne at 9 a.m. the next morning (dear God, Margot!). The ones who survived the full Extreme Boot Camp of friendship, Robbie told Jimmy Kimmel, were deemed her true pals. In other news, consider this an invitation to our own 24-hour party. We will all lie on the floor and catch up on Outlander.

Margot Robbie Had a 24-Hour Birthday Party