Matt Damon Pranked a Bunch of Unwitting Innocents by Sending Them on ‘Spy Missions’

Matt Damon has seized upon an opportunity for big-time comedy gold via the cruelest craft: pranks. The very wealthy movie star, doing a Jason Bourne publicity blitz, “hilariously” pranked a bunch of regular dopes by sending them on “spy missions.” The con worked as follows: One of Damon’s men hands a stranger a phone; on that phone is anonymous Matt Damon; he instructs unsuspecting marks to do various “spy” tasks. “Wait, is this for real?” asks one of Damon’s pawns. No it is not! Put the phone down, and slowly step away from the prank. Now, Damon will tell you that the pranks were for a good cause — he’s raising money for and the contestants did eventually meet Damon and get tickets to the Bourne premiere — but you know better. If nothing else, come away from the video, above, with two truths: Matt Damon is laughing at you, and George Clooney is a bad influence.

Matt Damon Pranks People With ‘Spy Missions’