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Mechanic: Resurrection Trailer: Jason Statham’s Back at the Jason Statham Thing

Jason’s Statham the course: The actor stars in Mechanic: Resurrection, a movie wherein Jason Statham is coolly violent and the rest is all incidentals. Mechanic: Resurrection, a sequel to Mechanic or plausibly any other Jason Statham movie, centers on Statham as a career assassin who wants out of the game but runs into a complication when his foe kidnaps the love of his life. Said foe orders Statham to kill three people and to make their deaths look accidental. Jessica Alba, playing the aforementioned carrot, and Tommy Lee Jones also star. In the trailer, Statham grunts, “I’m not doing his kills,” but our bet is that Statham ended up doing kills and doing ‘em good.

Mechanic: Resurrection Trailer: Statham’s Back