Mel Gibson is Planning a Passion of the Christ Sequel With a Plot You Can Probably Guess

Photo: Karen Brill/IMDB

Another superhero movie is getting a sequel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mel Gibson is working on a follow-up to The Passion of the Christ. Backed into a bit of a corner by the first movie’s end, the potential new project will focus on Jesus’ resurrection. The news comes via Gibson’s collaborator Randall Wallace, who penned Passion and confirmed to THR that he is in the early stages of writing a script for the new movie. According to Wallace, his and Gibson’s interest was renewed by demand in the Christian community for the film. Of course, Passion was the most successful independent movie of all time, and Gibson’s career in the years since has been — how shall we say — less than, so it’s not hard to guess that he’d like a little resurrection action himself. Hey, at least it’s not another origin story.

Mel Gibson Plans Passion of the Christ Sequel