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Michael Shannon Sometimes Wets His Pants During Performances of Long Day’s Journey Into Night

2016 Drama Desk Awards Nominees Reception
Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

By now you’ve probably heard that Long Day’s Journey Into Night is as long as its title implies. Really long. Like almost four hours long. And throughout the play, Michael Shannon, as James Tyrone Jr., imbibes copious amounts of beverages on stage. Doing the math, you can’t help but wonder the toll it takes on his bladder. Last night at the Drama Desk Awards, he explained to Vulture, “Well, I have an hour and a half break during the show that’s an hour and a half I can spend on a toilet if I care to.” But what happens when, you know, he really has to go and he’s in the middle of a scene? “Sometimes I just wet my pants,” he admits. “Yeah, you’ll never know. It’s a thick suit. It’s thick material and I wear a couple of pairs of underwear,” he said, adding three perfect words before he walked away: “… not just peeing.”

Michael Shannon on Wetting His Pants Onstage