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Monopoly the Musical Gunning for Broadway, Then Park Place, Then Atlantic Avenue, Then Reading Railroad, Then …

Union Station Hosts Monopoly Tournament
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

“Pass Go To This.” “History Has Its Die On You.” “It’s Quiet Uptown (As I Have Bought Up All of Atlantic Avenue).” It was only a matter of time before the recent wave of game movies and the runaway success of Hamilton birthed a new genre: the board-game musical. According to Variety, Hasbro is putting down many of its little multicolored paper dollars to make Monopoly the Musical, part of a new partnership with Broadway merchandise and production company Araca Group. The musical doesn’t have a writer, plot, or music as of yet, so there is plenty of time to come up with excellent title suggestions. For example, “The Board Where It Happens.” “Who Goes Next?” and, of course, “Best of Wives and Best of Tiny Metal Scottie Dogs.”

Monopoly the Musical Gunning for Broadway