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Natasha Leggero Worked in a Brothel and Fell in Love With a Con Man, But It All Worked Out, So Remember to Always Follow Your Heart

See, everything happens for a reason! For example, the reason Natasha Leggero fell in love with a grifter, followed him to Australia, and ended up having all her money stolen is because that brothel really, really needed a receptionist. Contributing to the vast pantheon of stories that sound funny in the retelling but in reality involved a lot of crying on a bus, the Another Period star regaled the Late Show with tales of her footloose and fancy-free 20s, footloose because she couldn’t afford snugger shoes and fancy-free because her con-man boyfriend stole her fancy and sold it for, let’s see, probably Marmite.

Natasha Leggero Was Once a Brothel Receptionist