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Let’s Hope the New Ghostbusters Movie Isn’t As Terrible As Its New Theme Song

The duo.

This new Paul Feig Ghostbusters remake is making people act weird, from dudes who are upset that producers hired an airtight all-women cast instead of men to guys like Queens rapper Nas, who this spring unveiled a batshit (but shockingly cool) line of Ghostbusters–inspired hats, shirts, and shoes. This morning the official update to the ’80s classic’s Ray Parker Jr.–penned hit theme song is out, and it’s … strange. The new cut, “Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)” stars Fall Out Boy — who jumped the shark tinkering with too many genres at once on last year’s cleverly titled but poorly executed rap-remixes LP, Make America Psycho Again — and a nobly sharp guest spot from Missy Elliott.

“Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)” is a gross collision of hair-metal guitars, fratty dubstep production values, and movie soundtrack ambiance not even Missy, one of a few mainstream rappers versed enough in comedic absurdity to even show face on this, can rescue. Working with a song like this, there’s room to get good and weird with your interpretation, but Fall Out Boy seems trapped in a joyless race to out–Imagine Dragons Imagine Dragons, and the quest for a big dance-rock hook outstrips the desire to make the song any fun.

It’s a shame: This is the exact variety of sacrilegious indulgence the sexist lunkheads protesting the new film see themselves defending Ghostbusters’ legacy against. But since Paul Feig hasn’t really failed us yet, let’s laugh through this today and never speak of it again. As for Fall Out Boy … thanks for the memories?

The Joylessness of the New Ghostbusters Theme