New Web Series Womanhood Is a Very Funny Delight

First, out of full disclosure, I know Jo Firestone a little, as she appeared in a play I wrote last summer. I acknowledge this bias; however, I cast her because she is very funny. Her new web series, Womanhood, is also very funny.  Shot for Refinery 29’s comedy YouTube channel, RIOT, it’s vaguely an advice series, in which Firestone and the equally delightful comedian Aparna Nancherla (both were on our list of 50 comedians you should and will know) try to help young women traverse the rocky terrain of aging as a person with a body. Mostly, though, it’s a showcase of their comedic sensibilities. Nancherla offers a sort of slightly off deadpan, and Firestone shines with her brand of whimsical discomfort. Today’s new episode might be the funniest yet, though it’s hard to say, as they are all hilarious. Watch any of them below and you’ll quickly know if this is your thing, and if it is, man oh man, it will really be your thing.

New Web Series Womanhood Is a Delight