uncanny valley

Death Stranding Game Trailer: The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Ditches His Clothes, Turns CGI

If you’ve ever found Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead’s Darryl Dixon) attractive, but wish he looked just a little less like a breathing human male and a bit more computer generated (and naked), then take a trip to the uncanny valley with the trailer for Death Stranding. Created by Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid pedigree for Sony’s PS4, little has been revealed about the game beyond this short teaser, but so far we know that it stars Norman Reedus’s well-formed abs and buns, features a disappearing baby and little ghost hand prints, and takes place, at least for the duration of the video, on a scary-looking abandoned beach. The trailer is scored by Icelandic dream pop band Low Roar, and it’s all pretty out there… but did we mention Reedsus’s buns?

Nude Norman Reedus Stars in Death Stranding Game