Losing Congressional Candidate Quotes Hamilton, Not Hamilton

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Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton. Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

On WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show this week, Democratic Congressional hopeful Oliver Rosenberg threw out a timely historical reference during a debate with his opponent, incumbent Jerrold Nadler. “As Alexander Hamilton says, ‘This is not a moment, this is the movement,’” Rosenberg quoted. “‘Foes oppose us. We take an honest stand. We roll like Moses claiming our promised land.’ Rise up, rise up and vote.” As millions of fans undoubtedly know, though, that’s not a quote from the real Alexander Hamilton; it’s a passage from Hamilton’s “My Shot.” Was Rosenberg mistaken — or, even more fascinatingly, is the musical so popular that the name “Alexander Hamilton” now means the fictional rapping guy based on the founding father? Either way, Rosenberg lost, which will prevent from him using that famous George Washington quote, “I’ll save children, but not the British children” at his inauguration.

New York Candidate Quotes Hamilton, Not Hamilton