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Oprah Can’t Be Trump’s Running Mate Because She’s Too Busy Voting for Hillary

Donald Trump has long said that he’d like Oprah to be his running mate in a presidential election, and while he has at least fulfilled the dream of being in a presidential election, he will not be getting Oprah on his ticket. When asked about Trump on Kimmel, in an episode that will air tonight, Oprah demurely pointed out that she can’t help out her fellow TV star because she is in fact “with her” — Oprah was, of course, talking about Hillary Clinton, whom she endorsed on Good Morning America this morning, and not herself in the third person, as great as an “Oprah 2016 You All Get Cars” campaign would be. Mr. Trump, look under your chair, what’s that? It’s another non-endorsement!

Oprah Endorses Hillary on Kimmel