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Here’s a First Look at Outlander’s Brianna and Roger as Sexy 20-somethings

They grow up so fast — especially on TV shows! Outlander will do another time hop for the season two finale, jumping to the 1960s, where we’ll meet the older 20-something counterparts of Brianna and Roger, to be played by Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin. Of course, we’ve already met their child selves: Roger is the little boy adopted by Reverend Wakefield we saw in the 1945 scenes from season one, and Brianna is the child of Jamie and Claire who is raised by her first (well, guess that depends on how you define”first”) husband Frank in Boston. Roger will be playing Brianna’s love interest, because like her mother, she also has a thing for burly Scotsmen.

These are two major character introductions from Diana Gabaldon’s books, and Skelton tells Entertainment Weekly that she’s nervous about how viewers will receive her. “It’s a scary thought because of things like the fact that Brianna’s from Boston, but we decided not to go with a Boston accent,” said Skelton. “We just assumed that given how she was raised in a private Catholic school in the ’60s, she sort of had any Boston drummed out of her and she’d be a standard American.” Sadly, that means you won’t get to delight in hearing Brianna call Roger a wicked pissah.

Outlander: Brianna and Roger First Look