Preacher Evangelizes Its Way Into a Second Season

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer - Preacher _ Season 1, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC
Spread the Word! Photo: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

Gather ‘round, sinners: AMC’s Preacher has been renewed for a second season. The network announced today that Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Catlin’s country-fried supernatural noir — based on the cult-hit Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon comics series of the same name — will return for an expanded 13-episode run next year. So far, the story has largely acted as a heavily altered prequel to the action in the comic, so perhaps season two will feature Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy finally hitting the road to fight serial killers and morbidly obese cult leaders?

Preacher Renewed for Season Two