the music in the prince and me

Prince Harry Boogied Like a Total Coldplay Groupie at a Benefit Concert in That He Softly Swayed

Prince Harry was simply doing his job on Tuesday, hosting a Coldplay-headlined concert, Kensington Palace’s first. He was thanking the Basotho Youth Choir for playing, he was telling Coldplay that they “rocked the palace,” he was generally fulfilling the God-given duties of his birthright. That’s when Prince Harry felt the music in him. It started with a little rhythmic pointing, some light arm sways, some head nods, but it wasn’t long before the British royal gave way to the song of his body. It’s almost like he heard the pain of his people after a long, bad, Brexit-y bunch of days, and threw them a lifeline in the form of dancing goofy as heck. It’s almost like that, except it’s not, because his is indisputably the act of one man, with one vibe, feeling himself be.

Prince Harry Boogied Like a Coldplay Groupie