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Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis Are Reuniting for a Movie About New York’s Fashion Industry in the 1950s

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis, winner of the Best Actor award for
Photo: Jason Merritt/2013 Getty Images

Paul Thomas Anderson, whose beguiling music video for Radiohead’s “Daydreaming” is one of the best things pop-culture has produced this year, is reuniting with his There Will Be Blood star Daniel Day-Lewis, according to Variety. Day-Lewis, whose searing turn as the misanthropic, murderous, milkshake-drinking businessman Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood landed him his second Oscar for Best Actor, hasn’t appeared in a film since Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln (for which he won his third Oscar, that show-off) in 2012, and has been “loosely attached to the project for some time.” The film will tentatively be about the New York fashion industry in the 1950s, and, knowing Anderson, will probably be profoundly cryptic.

PT Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis Are Reuniting