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Roseanne Barr Was the LGBTQ Issues Candidate You’d Always Wished for in Roseanne for President!

During her 2012 presidential run, comedian Roseanne Barr wasn’t joking about her campaign policies. Running on a platform of peace, equal rights, and marijuana for all — as she told Vulture, “Anyone with a brain in their head knows it’s time to legalize it” —  she secured her place in the Peace and Freedom Party and came in sixth place in the general election. In a clip from the upcoming  documentary Roseanne for President!, the stand-up points out her progressive past, reminding an audience that she helped introduce gay characters on Roseanne (character Nancy Bartlett came out as bisexual midway through the series run in the early ‘90s — years before Will & Grace debuted or Ellen aired her coming out episode). “I have balls bigger than anybody, and I’ll say exactly what needs to be said right to the face of the person who needs to hear it,” Barr says. Is it too late for Roseanne to run in 2016?

Roseanne for President! hits theaters July 1.

Remember When Roseanne Ran for President?