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Robert De Niro in Talks to Play the Grandpa in The War With Grandpa; No Word Yet on Who Will Play the War

Photo: Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

Gather up your George Clooneys, your Jimmy Kimmels, and your Joshua Malinas because, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got ourselves a pranks movie. Robert De Niro, he of Dirty Grandpa notice, is in talks to play dirty (grandpa) once again in The War With Grandpa. Don’t let the geriatric of it all mislead you; The War With Grandpa is a modern war, a war of pranks. Per Deadline, the comedy, based on Robert Kimmel Smith’s book, follows “a young man who loves his grandfather, but also loves his bedroom. When grandpa’s wife dies, he moves in … The young man engages in a series of pranks meant to drive out grandpa.” So, just to recap: A young man’s blind love for a room drives him to usurp the space of his grieving grandfather; the man then resorts to the basest of all battle arts — the prank; and to put the cherry on top, he calls the ordeal The War With Grandpa and not My War With Grandpa, because kids today never take responsibility for anything. Pawpaw better shut this kid down.

Robert De Niro in Talks for The War With Grandpa