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The Rock Reacts to Seth Rogen Aping His Fanny Pack Style

When pictures surfaced of Dwayne Johnson’s super-duper ’90s outfit — a tight black turtleneck, high-waisted light-blue jeans (what we now call “dad jeans”), a gold chain, and a fanny back dangling like a gunslinger’s pistol — the internet lost its mind. Seth Rogen previously took to Twitter to poke fun at Johnson’s sartorially compromised garb, and last night on The Graham Norton Show, Norton showed the charismatic star the pictures of Rogen juxtaposed with Johnson. The Rock, of course, laughed heartily. Johnson also explained why his arm is resting on a tissue (“What I was leaning on was very … dirty”). He also seems to get the biggest kick out of seeing Jeff Goldblum riffing on his look, because who wouldn’t love Jeff Goldblum posing as you for a picture?

The Rock Reacts to Rogen’s Fanny Pack Style