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Hush Now, Worried Ones: Samantha Bee Has a Very Slight Sliver of Hope for America in Brexit’s Aftermath

In the aftermath of Brexit, a lot of people (some of whom are on television) expressed their worry that the forces responsible for the referendum results abroad might repeat themselves here in the U.S. in the form of one Donald Drumpf. It’s not an irrational concern, but Samantha Bee took to Full Frontal on Monday to explain why we all can take a little comfort in our God-given American superiority. As Bee reminds us, the United States and the United Kingdom are … not the same. There was even a whole war about it! Specifically, whereas the U.K. is overwhelmingly white and fairly new to the whole immigration game, the United States is much more diverse and also essentially rooted in immigration. So, take a beat and a deep breath, and then resume panicking slightly less.

Sam Bee Offers U.S. Sliver of Hope Post-Brexit