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Former Felicity Hunk Scott Speedman Is Now Too Old for Shirtless Scenes

Ageism in Hollywood is even worse than we thought. While discussing his new show Animal Kingdom with Stephen Colbert Monday night, 40-year-old Felicity vet Scott Speedman told a distressing story from the set. After pumping himself up (mentally, and, we have to assume, physically) for his first shirtless scene on the show, the director gave him a heartbreaking note in between takes: “Put the shirt back on.” Meanwhile, the young dudes who play Speedman’s brothers are cavorting shirtless all over the place — on the beach, in bed, at a wake — without a care in the world. And to make matters worse, all of his scenes are bathed in deep shadows. Sad! Meanwhile, Scott Foley is doffing his top all the time over on Scandal, so I guess we finally have a winner in the great Ben vs. Noel debate.

Scott Speedman Is Too Old for Shirtless Scenes