Watch Daniel Radcliffe Movingly Describe His Farts in an Exclusive Swiss Army Man Clip

If you read Vulture, then you already know Sundance sensation Swiss Army Man as the movie where Daniel Radcliffe plays a farting, spitting, erection-prone talking corpse. But would you believe that there’s more to all those bodily functions than mere shock value? What if they were actually demonstrations of intimacy? That’s the crux of this exclusive clip, which finds Radcliffe’s corpse and Paul Dano (as his human friend) musing over what might happen if they escape the remote island that they’re trapped on: Radcliffe intends to go right back to his girlfriend and let her ride his farts as much as she damn well pleases. It falls to Dano to tell his buddy that fart-riding isn’t exactly a staple of polite society, but Radcliffe sees right through that explanation. Click to watch and get a sense of this oddball but heartfelt film, which comes out June 24.

See Daniel Radcliffe Movingly Describe His Farts