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Watch Gary Oldman Explain His Love of Melancholia and Velvet Goldmine

Meet your cool new film-studies professor, Gary Oldman, who’s here to tell you all about the joys of glam rock and the apocalypse. Oldman curated a list of movie recommendations for Tribeca Shortlist, a streaming service that comes with recommendations from actors, directors, and other talented people in the movie industry, so you don’t have to waste all that time finding something good to watch. Oldman’s collection, which comes out on July 1 and is dubbed “Make Some Noise: Stories That Pack a Punch,” includes Melancholia, Velvet Goldmine, Husbands and Wives, My Name Is Joe, Some Like It Hot, and the 1994 Priest. Vulture’s got video of Oldman discussing the first two items on the list, and also how Jonathan Rhys Meyers was a damn fine fellow circa 1998.

See Gary Oldman Talk About His Favorite Movies