The Opening Skit From This Year’s Peabody Awards Will Have Everyone Doing the Mr. Robot Dance

The Peabodys, the awards show that celebrates a bunch of TV shows you like, are on TV next week, and host Keegan-Michael Key is nervous. How nervous? So nervous he’s soliciting ideas for bits from his famous friends. Should he make extremely labored jokes about unions, as Ira Glass suggests? Or should he do as Fred Armisen says and celebrate this year’s honorees through interpretative dance? But seriously, that Mr. Robot dance is great. I would be very okay with season two being just 10 episodes of people doing that dance.  The 75th Peabody Awards air Monday, June 6, at 8 p.m. EST on Pivot. We hear David Letterman gives a good speech.

See the Cold Open for This Year’s Peabody Awards