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Oh, Fudge, Suicide Squad Will Officially Be Rated PG-13

Suicide Squad. Photo: DC Entertainment

After the success of Deadpool, a certain segment of fans had held out hopes that more superhero films would go the R-rated route. Some have, but now it’s clear that Suicide Squad will not be among them: According to EW, the DC Comics supervillain flick has been rated PG-13 for  “sequences of violence and action throughout, disturbing behavior, and suggestive content and language.” Director David Ayer said as much earlier, but also hinted he might shoot for an R on a sequel. Still there’s hope for a harder cut of the film coming out later: Batman v Superman will receive an R-rated Blu-ray release, and it seems likely the same thing will happen for Squad. They’ve got to put the used condoms and anal beads somewhere.

Suicide Squad Will Be Rated PG-13