Talking to Rachel Quitta (@googleymoogley) About Social Media and ‘Full House’

Rachel Quitta is 27 years old and lives and works in Austin, TX. She loves Coolio and Boyz II Men and was in the N’sync Fan Club growing up. Her favorite movie is Heavyweights and she loves to yell. On Instagram she is @rachelquitta, and on Twitter she is @googleymoogley. This week, Quitta talked to me about some of her favorite tweets and explained the drama going on between her and Dave Coulier.

Quitta: I like this tweet because if someone was asked to describe my Twitter presence, they could just be like “Here. Read this tweet.” I find myself regularly doing odd things – like shoving a whole chicken into my purse – because my life is a shit show.

How would you say your voice on Twitter compares to your voice IRL?

My voice on twitter is very much my voice IRL. This is especially true when it comes to tweets that end in exclamation points. You see, I’m very loud and sometimes shrill and I think you can tell sometimes. My tweets are mostly just me thinking dumb thoughts out loud or talking about embarrassing things that happen to me. Often times, I’ll text my best friend to tell her something I did, saw, thought, etc. and I turn around and tweet the exact thing I just texted her.

How, if at all, has the way you use Twitter changed over time?

When I first joined twitter, I didn’t really tweet. I used it as a way to follow tabloids and other stupid accounts (probably full of shitty memes) that I could read to pass time while I was supposed to be listening to lectures in college. Over time, I started finding funny people and these funny people slowly replaced the Kardashians and E! News and those two guys from that one show on the CW. I’m not a writer or a comedian or an actor or anything and I really like that I’ve somehow been able to insert myself into this world where stories about getting my arm stuck in a UPS dropbox or living in rented storage units are somehow well-received and enjoyed.

To me, these are a couple of the saddest tweets I’ve ever done. I was blocked by Dave Coulier on Twitter about a year ago and then just a couple months ago, I noticed he’d unblocked me and I lost it. I was back, baby! I had to tell everyone! But, then about a month later, I was blocked again and things got very dark for me…

Why (if you care to explain!) did Dave Coulier block you?

I just queued up “The Sound of Silence” on Spotify so I can really go to *my place* to explain the Dave Coulier story. Basically, I love Full House and I love John Stamos. A couple years ago, I decided that I was going to use Dave Coulier to get to John Stamos. After many ignored tweets, I got the Dave Coulier follow. I got the follow and I had it for a solid year. I spent that year sending many DMs to Dave (all unanswered) and I sent them often. Well, one day, I went to send another and I realized I couldn’t. Why? Because Dave Coulier had unfollowed me. Naturally, I tweeted about it. I was upset and I needed to let it out. Immediately, my friends and followers came to my defense. The tweets to Dave were flying. People were very upset and they let him know. Well, Dave did not like this. He blocked me and every single person that sent him a tweet on my behalf. It was chaos and I still get very red in the face and mad when I think about it.

Do you ever block people, and if so, what does it take for you to block someone?

I rarely block people, but I have certainly done it. If someone gets salty in my mentions or says/does anything to make me uncomfortable, I’ll block them. It doesn’t happen often and I don’t know if it will always be this way, but I’m thankful for the time being. I’m friends with people who have to deal with this stuff constantly and I don’t know that I could handle it as well as they do.

Do you have any opinions on muting/unfollowing/any other aspects of “Twitter etiquette?”

I don’t have anyone muted, believe it or not. At least, I don’t think I do. Most of the time, I feel like you should just unfollow a person if you don’t want to see their tweets anymore, but I think depending on the nature of your relationship with that person, it can make things complicated. I think a lot of people don’t want to follow a person unless they’re followed by that person first. They want the ~mutual follow.~ But, I follow plenty of people that don’t follow me back (fools) just because I really enjoy their tweets.

Do you (or did you ever) use other social media as much as Twitter? Do you feel funniest on Twitter or on a different platform?

I’m on Facebook and Instagram in addition to Twitter. I definitely bring my sense of humor into all three, but it feels completely different with each one. With Facebook, I don’t think people can tell when I’m joking or when I’m being serious about things and I actually really enjoy that. Like, I’ve posted statuses about Coolio’s Official Facebook Page being hacked and I think people really started to believe that I was on Coolio’s PR team. I did nothing to make them believe otherwise, though. There’s just a different group of people on Facebook than there are on Twitter and they all respond differently to things I post.

It’s hard to say where I feel funniest. I don’t hold back on any social media platform and there’s a lot of overlap between all three. Still, I feel like Twitter’s where I feel funniest because it’s more validating when the people that I find funny also find me funny. It feels really good.

Jenny Nelson lives and writes in Brooklyn and works at Funny Or Die.

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