The 2016 SoCal Comedy Fest Will Be the Most Inclusive Comedy Festival Ever

Whether you’re already famous and established in comedy or still struggling to get your name out there, a new comedy festival has arrived to make sure you have at least one credit under your belt. Announced today by Zach Broussard, the first-ever SoCal Comedy Fest will take place from September 1st through the 3rd, and submitting to the festival guarantees you two things: You will definitely be accepted, and the festival will definitely never happen. Here’s some more info from the website:

TIRED OF WATCHING YOUR FELLOW COMEDIANS BRAG ABOUT GETTING INTO COMEDY FESTIVALS? Then the SoCal Comedy Fest is for you. It’s the first festival created specifically to ACCEPT EVERY COMEDIAN who submits. Unlike other festivals who base their selection on things like a limited number of slots or the talent of the performer, the SoCal Comedy Fest will accept everyone. Most festivals accept exorbitant submission fees from anyone, but only allow a select few to brag about getting in. But with the SoCal Comedy Fest… EVERYONE GETS TO BRAG! HERE’S HOW IT’LL WORK:
  • You pick your performer package!
  • You’ll receive an acceptance letter on the same day as everyone else who submitted!
  • We’ll all go online on the same day and brag about getting into the fest!
  • And when the fest rolls around on September 1st-3rd, you’ll get to brag about the shows you’re on!
AND GET THIS: ALL EXPENSES ARE PAID. The “other” comedy festivals often make comedians provide their own travel and housing while performing. But the SoCal Comedy Fest is able to cover ALL EXPENSES through one unique cost-cutting measure: There will be no shows. But each show you’re booked on WILL STILL BE PROMOTED! But the shows will simply take place at non-existent and/or impossible to find venues. IS THIS JUST SOME MONEY-MAKING SCHEME? Great question. Like all festivals, OF COURSE IT IS. But I can assure you ALL money raised will go to a good cause: Another equally life-changing idea and one very good meal.

There are three submission options – “regular performer” for $4.95, “featured performer” for $9.95, and “headliner” for $19.95. Be warned, however, that if you submit past the July 29th deadline, those prices shoot up to $99.95, $199.95, and $299.95, respectively.

So why did Broussard put this festival together? “Ultimately this just seemed like a positive and uplifting way to promote my fellow comedians while also profiting,” he told us. And what, exactly, is the “equally life-changing idea” that he’ll use the money for? “I have a bit I’ve been doing that I really want to take to the next level,” he says, “but it’ll require some money.” Assuming that Broussard is referring to his annual “Top 1000 Comics” lists (see 2014 here and 2015 here), submitting to the festival sounds like the perfect way for comics to get easy exposure, support weird comedy projects, and probably make Rich Vos feel super left out again in the near future.

Head over to the SoCal Comedy Fest website to submit here.

The 2016 SoCal Comedy Fest Will Be the Most Inclusive […]