‘The New Yorker’ Now Has a Cover-to-Cover Parody Thanks to ‘The Neu Jorker’

A bunch of talented writers and illustrators have teamed up to create a very ambitious parody: a cover-to-cover take on an issue of The New Yorker complete with joke ads, art, fine print, and more called The Neu Jorker, which you can read here. The project was created by 0s&1s founder Andrew Lipstein and writer/comedian James Folta and features contributors from ClickHole, The Onion, The Late Show, McSweeney’s, UCB, and – you guessed it – The New Yorker. Here’s what Folta told us about the project:

Andrew and I met doing comedy in New York but both connected over a love of books and literature. The New Yorker is such an institution that we both admired and read. It’s so massive and unavoidable that it seemed ripe for satire. Beyond just parodying style of writing or particular columns piecemeal, we decided to do a total top-to-bottom work including cartoons, art, ads, everything. Andrew and I met in December to talk over the idea and how we would approach it. Since then we have pretty much been constantly gathering, editing and laying out. We’re lucky to have a large pool of talented friends and contacts who really exceeded our wildest expectations.

Check out the full Neu Jorker issue here.

‘The New Yorker’ Now Has a Cover-to-Cover Parody […]