Thom Yorke Performs an Acoustic Set at His Neighbor’s Garden Party, Which Makes the Potato Salad You Brought Seem Just Humiliating

This could be the only time you’ve ever seen anyone who looks like Thom Yorke pull out a guitar at a party and not groaned, “Oh Jesus Lord,” as your eyes rolled back in your head. Redditor verylittlesound got a text from his dad yesterday informing him that “Tom (sic) York of  Radiohead” was about to play a set at a friend’s neighbor’s house in Oxford. In addition to “Reckoner” and “I Might Be Wrong,” the Reddit poster reported that Yorke “played Desert Island Disk, No Surprises, Street Spirit (plus others, bless my father for running around asking people).” A wonderful surprise, no doubt, but now Thom Yorke is never giving back that lawn aerator as long as he lives.

Thom Yorke Performs at Someone’s Garden Party