Three Good Videos You Absolutely Haven’t Seen

Isn’t the Internet a funny place? Sorry, let me be more clear. What I mean to ask is, isn’t it funny that, on the Internet, there lurks a trove of funny stuff that you’ll almost surely never see? Like, ever. Even if you looked. You might find some 50+ viewcount gems, but, realistically, most of them will remain buried like diamonds in the rough of cyst-popping videos that never quite…popped. That’s funny, right? Unsettling, too. Well, settle yourself back in, because I am an expert in wasting my own time on your behalf. Week after week, I pledge to sift through the crap to bring you the gold. And, sometimes, I find not one, but a few bars. Enjoy!

The Ring LIVE ON ICE, Tommy Do

This may be my favorite genre parody of the year (so far), but Tommy Do’s is very much my favorite commercial parody.

Extra Special Massage, Ben Giroux

While some of the jokes skew a little broad, the brilliant premise makes it worth a watch.

Chugman Chip, VideoBoy

VideoBoy had a real fun Making a Murderer parody for the month that America cared about nothing but that show, and now they’re back with just the kind of fratty dumbness that breeds surprise belly laughs.

Luke is a writer/director at CollegeHumor and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

Three Good Videos You Absolutely Haven’t Seen