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Axl Rose Has His Sights Set on New Music With Guns N’ Roses, But We All Need Just a Little Patience Until It Comes to Fruition

Axl Rose took some time out of his busy European touring schedule with AC/DC for a rare public appearance and interview with Sir David Tang at London’s China Exchange yesterday, where he touched on his desire to make new music with Guns N’ Roses and even write a memoir, among other topics. “I’ve got a lot of stuff together, and I played some stuff for Slash and Duff, and they liked it. They might be on it. We don’t know,” Rose told the crowd about the potential for future recordings. “I hope to keep this going for a quite a while … right now, it’s all good. I mean, obviously that could just explode. I do want to put out more music with Guns N’ Roses, and I don’t know if that has to do with Slash or not … if he wants to play on something, that would be great.”

Rose, who noted he and AC/DC’s Angus Young “are talking about working together,” also divulged his literary aspirations to write about his volatile history with GN’R. “It’s tough because I haven’t figured out how to word things in a way that doesn’t just look like I’m being negative to everybody else and calling them a liar,” he continued. “Slash and I hadn’t talked in 19 years, and when we did talk, I was like, You wrote a lot of stuff that didn’t even happen. It’s not real.” Lucky for him, he can certainly call up a few people for some pointers.

Watch Axl Rose Discuss New Music, a Memoir