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There’s a Lot of Wailing in This Exclusive Clip of Korean Horror Film The Wailing

Do you love insane and insanely beautiful Korean horror films steeped in demonic possession and rural mysticism? Then I present to you The WailingAlready a massive success in Korea, where it’s earned $40 million, it just debuted Stateside and has a staggering 100 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. The AV Club called it “operatically intense.” The New York Times raved that it will “scare you, and break your heart.”

The latest bloodbath thriller from nonconformist genre master Na Hong-jin (Chaser, The Yellow Sea) and Snowpiercer cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo follows a bumbling cop as he investigates a series of grisly murders in his isolated village, in which people develop horrible skin rashes and then kill off their entire families. In this exclusive clip of an early scene, he’s visiting the hospital bed of one of the afflicted, who was last seen in a near catatonic state covered in the blood of his relatives. What happens next, which includes our cop protagonist’s sweet daughter joining the diseased, has to be seen to be believed, but rest assured that it will involve the undead, sacrificial chickens, and the wrenching story of a father’s love up against the forces of hell.

Watch a Clip of Korean Horror Film The Wailing