that's a lot of hamm

Watch Jon Hamm Team Up With a Pineapple and a Coconut in the Strangest Wrestling Match Ever

Jon Hamm is really enjoying his post–Mad Men years. Like David Letterman basking in the drunken glory of retirement, Hamm has been going HAM with his free time. Appearing on Fusion’s The Chris Gethard Show and swaddled in a fat suit, Hamm engaged in the strangest wrestling match ever, teaming up with a pineapple and Coconut (Brian Myers and Pat Buck) to take on Colt Cabana, Rhyno, and X-Pac. Some of the things the announcer says during the match include, “They did slap both of his costume breasts,” “That’s a lot of Hamm,” and “That’s a toe in his buttocks,” so you know you’re in for a good hammy time. Hamm is, to date, the only one of these wrestlers to win an Emmy for Best Actor, and he may snatch another for his performance here — look at him take a beating! Look at them beat that Hamm!

Watch Jon Hamm in the Strangest Wrestling Match