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Jude Law’s New Young Pope Trailer Suggests That a Young Pope Isn’t Necessarily a Good Pope

More like The Bad Pope, right? That surely must have been the working title. The latest trailer for HBO’s The Young Pope knows exactly what you want out of your hot young pope programming: devious power plays, merciless grudges, Diane Keaton, and fabulous hats beyond all conceiving. Hats on hats on hats over here. Now that Jude Law’s Pope Pius XIII has taken his place at the head of the Holy See, he immediately violates the number one rule of being a pope (don’t be megalomaniacal) and starts kicking ass and taking names, though never the Lord’s in vain, of course. The Young Pope premieres January 15, 2017.

And, for all of you holy people out there, a second season has already been commissioned. Praise be, praise be!

Jude Law Reigns in HBO’s New Young Pope Trailer