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Kevin Hart and James Corden Had a Rap Battle and the Blows Went Pretty Darn Low

Kevin Hart and James Corden: Two halves of a Kevin James and yet somehow natural enemies? Such was the ugly truth that unfurled during a segment of “Drop the Mic,” a drag-down, bare-knuckles rap brawl on Wednesday’s The Late Late Show. The throwdown was basically a short joke v. fat joke proxy war, but things didn’t go truly below the belt until Corden called Hart “Jokey Smurf.” As Hart argued, you gotta play fair, and “Jokey Smurf is not even a real smurf.” So, who won? Verbal artistry, obviously, but in the spirit of the game, let’s just say the mic didn’t have to fall very far.

Watch Kevin Hart and James Corden’s Rap Battle