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Nick Offerman and His Dad Go Fishing in a New Commercial for Lagavulin; It’s Just As Relaxing As Yoga, Except They Still Get to Kill Something

Lagavulin couldn’t have found a better “spokesperson” than Nick Offerman, who has been rolling out highly amusing videos for the Scotch whisky distillery since last year. In the spirit of Father’s Day, Offerman has returned with a short Lagavulin commercial with his dad in tow. Watch them sit quietly in a beautiful wooden canoe with fishing poles, contemplate their peaceful surroundings in the great outdoors, and make some killer woodworking jokes, all without actually uttering a word. Remember, as the great Ron Swanson once said: There’s no wrong way to consume alcohol. (Molecular mixology notwithstanding.)

Watch Nick Offerman and His Dad Sit in a Canoe